Toffee Wax Melts Mini Candy Jar

$ 6.00
Toffee Wax Melts Mini Candy Jar

Toffee Wax Melts Mini Candy Jar

Imagine buttery toffee candy that melts in your mouth, a sweet creamy sensation that brings a true sense of comfort. Pieces of that very sweet, buttery candy is right here in long lasting soy wax melts that were hand designed to look just like delicious toffee candy. It's a simply wonderful way to enjoy toffee.

Here's more about your wax melts:

  • each melt is handmade and wrapped to preserve its fragrance
  • each melt will offer up to 8 hours of scent
  • your melts can be used in almost any melt warmer

Experience it for yourself. Order your Toffee Candy Melts today while they last. Our ready to ship supplies are limited in quantity so don't delay.