Votive Mini Hot Cocoa Candle

$ 9.99
Votive Mini Hot Cocoa Candle

Votive Mini Hot Cocoa Candle

Excite your gift recipient sweetened dark chocolate, rich, creamy vanilla, and puffs of sugary marshmallow in a cute mini cocoa candle. 

A delight to everyone whose paths they cross, it's the unique gift that puts a smile on every face.

Each delightful candle treat is made by hand with:

  • soy wax
  • cotton core wick
  • high quality fragrance
  • your extreme enjoyment in mind

Use you mini cocoa candle as:

  • stocking stuffers
  • birthday gifts
  • teacher gifts
  • party favors
  • holiday decor 
  • themed rooms 
  • and more

Get this seasonal item while they're still around. With Santa's limited supply of chocolate this year, we can only fill stockings on a first come basis. Get yours before they disappear.