Old Fashioned Vanilla Cola Float Candle

$ 13.99

Enjoy a Real Blast From the Past! Old Fashioned Vanilla Cola Float Candle - vintage inspired candle crafted to ensure an incredible scent throw and a delightfully long burn time. Sweet, bubbly cola meets creamy vanilla bean cream to create a nostalgic delight.

Inspired by delightful soda shops of the 50's, we created each candle individually to bring a smile to the faces of all who receive them. 

 Your sweet treat soda float candle is:

  • gel, paraffin and soy wax 
  • in both 6 and 22 ounces
  • up to 400 hours of burn time
  • wicked in cotton
  • glass style may vary


Cola float candles by everything dawn bakery candles

An Old Fashioned Vanilla Coke Float Candle treat is waiting to make you smile. Place one in your cart.

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