Rustic Round Bread Loaves Fake

$ 90.00

Fake Rustic Round Bread Loaves

Country cottage charm with warm, rustic appeal. This handcrafted fake bread set captures the look and aroma of freshly baked bread that adds that special touch to any counter or table top.

Here's more about your Rustic Round Bread Loaves

  • They're approximately 6 Inches in diameter each.
  • Their fragrance can be refreshed with our fresh baked bread oil
  • They are in a set of 5 loaves

And here are just a few other added features of these individually crafted bread loaves:

  • Each one is completely unique of its own kind.
  • Since no two are alike, you'll have a more authentic display when they're all used together.
  • The set looks absolutely stunning either in a basket or on a bread board.

I'm positive you'll be absolutely thrilled with your round bread loaves.  So if you're thinking, "Maybe I should?" Please do!