Rustic French Bread Loaves Fake

$ 89.99

Rustic French Bread Loaves (Fake)

The rustic allure of French bread. Wonderfully scented and individually designed fake bread loaves with hand crafted detail that adds a note of authenticity. A perfect conversation piece.

Aside from being an exclusive item that you'll enjoy for years to come, your Rustic French Bread:

  • Is approximately 9 Inches long
  • Has fragrance that can be refreshed
  • Comes in a set of 5 Loaves

Just think. Isn't it worth it to have bread loaves that look and smell just like you went through the tedious labor of baking it yourself?

Not to mention...

  • You're getting five hand crafted loaves (not the cheap plastic manufactured kind).
  • You can refresh the fragrance of the bread with a few drops of our fresh baked bread oil, available all the time.
  • Five bread loaves gives you versatility for baskets, bread board displays, or other creative centerpieces.

What do you say? Go ahead and indulge in handcrafted, long lasting table decor pieces.


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