Pillar Candle in Prim Cinnamon Spice

$ 24.99

Pillar Candle in Prim Cinnamon Spice

Experience spicy cinnamon and spices wafting through the air. Create the red hot cinnamon aroma that brings a nostalgic goodness of holidays past. Sweet, spicy and invigorating. A perfect aromatic choice for the cold weather seasons.

Your Cinnamon Spice Pillar Candle:

  • is made with paraffin wax
  • is rubbed in layers of aromatic spices
  • is 16 ounces and approximately 4.5 inches tall (3 inches in diameter) or 
  • is 24 ounces and approximately 7 inches tall (larger candle)


 Use it as decor or burn it for a wonderful home fragrance that will fill even a large space.


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  • your candle offers up to 65 (or 140) hours of burn time 
  • is made with a cotton core wick for less soot when burning
  • is crafted with only the highest grade fragrance


Enjoy cinnamon splendor. Order now.