Overspender Scented Pillar Candle

$ 24.99
Overspender Scented Pillar Candle

Overspender Scented Pillar Candle by Everything Dawn captures the essence of that expensive sports car (with Italian Leather seats) you've had your eye on. An aroma that fills the air with the unmistakable luxury that conveys the enduring expression of your personal values and exquisite taste. For those who demand the finest things in life and will let nothing, I mean nothing, stand in their way.

Overspender Aroma:

Deliciously aromatic Italian Leather intermingling with the freshly detailed, handmade interior of a luxury car. Hints of freshly printed bills fill the air to create an luxurious experience of the very finest. Transform your atmosphere into unparalleled sophistication.

The Serious Stuff:

Created with natural soy wax for a long burn time and excellent scent throw.

Pearlized glow when burning

16 ounces

125 hour burn time

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