Lollipop Scented Wax Dipped Bear Gift Set

$ 24.99

Lollipop Scented Wax Dipped Bear Gift Set

If you truly want to gift something that's easy and lovable, this sweetly scented plush bear won't disappoint. Dipped in our fragrant sweet lollipop scent, your cute plush holds a 5 ounce cupcake candle, creating a wonderful scented set. Place your plush bear on a table in any room, and you'll have inviting lollipop fragrance that will last and last.

Your Plush and Candle Gift Set:

  • includes one 9" wax dipped bear, highly scented
  • includes a 5 ounce lollipop cupcake candle
  • comes ready to give as a gift

Wax dipped bears are easy to refresh with a low setting of a hair dryer. Bear bow color may vary.

Give a hassle free gift that will be loved. Order yours now (limited stock).