Lollipop Scented Cupcake Candle

$ 7.99
Lollipop Scented Cupcake Candle

Enjoy a cupcake overloaded with sweet sugary scent. A cupcake candle with fruity lollipops encompassed by more sugar with a bright cherry on top. The perfect nostalgic treat for the holidays.

Your cupcake candle:

* Is 5 ounces of delightful lollipop scented wax
* has one wax lollipop that can burned with the candle or in a wax warmer to extend fragrance
* Is packaged for gift giving

Your candle's burn time:

cupcake candle: up to 40 hours (100% soy candle)
wax melt - up to 8 hours (paraffin)
cherry (removable paraffin)

Create sweet scented memories with lollipop cupcake candles. They make great gifts and conversation pieces. Order yours now.