Husband No 4 Scented Votive Candle

$ 12.99
Husband No 4 Scented Votive Candle

Husband No 4 Scented Votive Candle by Everything Dawn carries you away from the memories of your young, irresponsible first husband, your second, whimsical rebound marriage, and that third marriage that just didn't work out. Captivates your inner being with its sophistication and world class ability to do what the others could never do, standout.

Husband No 4 Aroma:

Impeccable aroma of tea leaves circling dry tobacco flower and crushed coriander. Black pepper notes mingle around bergamot and cedar to create a sophisticated, rich fragrance that creates unmistakable opulence.

The Serious Stuff:

Created with luxurious coconut soy wax for a long burn time and supreme scent throw.

2 ounces

18 hour burn time