Fake Pecan Pie Scented Set

$ 129.99

Pecan Pie Scented Fake Pie

An amazingly scented southern classic. This meticulously designed fake pecan pie has such detail that your guests will never guess it's table decor. The pie blends wonderfully with a variety of decor styles as the aroma of buttery pie crust filled with beautifully caramelized pecans waft through the air to give you an authentic and fragrantly enticing decorative piece.

Your pie is:

Your pie is:
• 9" round
• In a silver pan
• Easily refreshed

More about your pie:

  • It's served in a black, rusty, white or silver pie pan
  • It includes a scent refresher
  • It includes a rustic tea towel
  • It ships free

What will this mean for you?

You're getting a one of a kind Pecan Pie that has the amazing aroma and look of an authentic, classic pie. Your new fake pie can be removed from its original pan and put on any nine inch pie plate of your choice.

Your pie's scent can be refreshed with our Pecan Pie oil.

It's your move. Experience sweet, warm, and classic. Order your fake pecan pie now.