Classic Cupcake Candles

$ 7.99

Cupcake candles inspired by some of the best patisserie shops around. Comforting, sweet aromas blended with our own unique blends. Creatively soothing for any sweet treat nostalgia.

  • 5 ounces
  • Made with 100% soy wax
  • Cotton wick

Try one in any of the following variations:

Cinnamon Bun: Perfectly browned cinnamon buns, caramelized brown sugar, butter, and lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting on top.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Rich chocolate cupcake, with creamy buttercream and sweet, ripened, strawberries drizzled in chocolate.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Buttered yellow cake soaked in pineapple juice and caramelized sugar, covered with vanilla frosting, with a cherry and pineapple on top.

Chocolate Banana Rum: Chocolate cake drenched in rum with brown butter banana frosting on top. 

Pink Fairy Dust: Pink cotton candy, the sweetest strawberries, Madagascar vanilla and a touch of musk blended with red raspberries and fresh oranges and a mid note of lily of the valley. 

Cookies and cream: Sweet, rich chocolate cake with lightly sweetened buttercream, and crushed sandwich cookies.

Citronella - Citron, a well known bug deterrent. Fresh lemony aroma.

Odor Eliminator: An odor and smoke eliminating cupcake candle. Lemon peel essential oil with a touch of coriander and lime. A superb way to dismiss offensive odors.