Country Biscuits Farmhouse Fake Food (Single Biscuits)

$ 7.99

Farmhouse Fake Country Biscuits

Have you been baking? Expect to be asked this question a lot when you have the warm, welcoming charm and aroma of freshly baked Southern style biscuits on the table. Authentically designed baked country farmhouse biscuits will make your kitchen feel like home. 

Country biscuits farmhouse fake food (single biscuits) are a great addition to your kitchen, giving you long lasting freshly baked aroma that says, 'Welcome Home.'

  • Includes 1 single biscuit per order.

 For our biscuit set of 6, see here.

~~~~~~~~ Love The Farmhouse Kitchen Style?~~~~~~~~

Y'all are gonna love how these biscuits add that special touch of 'Come on into my home' to your kitchen. Old fashioned buttery, fluffy biscuits are a farmhouse staple, making them a statement piece on the table. Try using them:


  • in a rustic basket lined with dark tan muslin cloth 
  • in an iron skillet with your favorite color homespun
  • on a wooden or galvanized metal tray on top of a white linen kitchen towel



The Wonderful World of Fake Baked Food Props


❤ Each hand crafted fake biscuit is created:

  • Using our special formulated fake food prop clay
  • Using premium phthlalate free fragrance
  • To look super authentic enough to do a double take

❤ Our formulated clay:

  • makes a long lasting, prop that will last for years
  • is toxic free
  • maintains the lifelike color of the props made 


Want to see more ways to use fake food props? Check out our blog post.


~~~~~~~~~~~~EVEN MORE~~~~~~~~~~~


We love the art of what we do. That means your beautiful biscuits will be:

❤ Designed and packaged with care.

❤ Shipped securely, but in super delightful packaging (just the way it should be)

❤ So beautiful, you may just find yourself hugging the package



❤ They inspire your space. Fake food props bring life to your kitchen and dining area by:

  • evoking the warm and welcoming feelings of home
  • adding a unique and in depth touch to themes
  • sparking conversation

❤ You experience the warmth of comforting aromas that are uniquely hand crafted.


~~~ It's True!~~~~~

We guarantee you'll love your fake biscuits or they're on us!


* For unscented biscuits, please make a note in the comments/notes section when you place your order.



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