Christmas Tree Ornament Double Crust Pie

$ 15.00

Christmas Tree Ornament Double Crust Pie

Recreate the magic of rustic, country farmhouse charm this Christmas with unique farmhouse Christmas pie ornaments. Freshly baked pie sitting in the windowsill, wrapped in a cooling cloth bringing a warm, cozy feeling straight to your bones. A perfect way to remember this holiday and the warm pie moments you'll capture.

There's a pie waiting just for you. Handmade the old fashioned way with that little air hole through the middle. Just big enough for a little of the filling to emerge through. 

Your pie ornament is:

  • Is 2 inches in diameter
  • one per order
  • Individually hand crafted
  • complete with its own bakers cloth and hanging twine



Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. We start working on your order as soon as it pops into our Fakery queue, but it takes about 3 to 5 days. 

Q. Are they scented?

A. No, these are not; however, we thought the aroma would conflict with the trees. If you'd like to have yours scented, please contact us.

Q. What other kinds (flavors) do you have?

A. We also make these in pecan pie, lattice apple pie, and double crust pie.


It's your move. Add a pie ornament to your cart. 

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