Bubblegum Wax Melt Mini Jar

$ 6.00
Bubblegum Wax Melt Mini Jar - Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats

Bubblegum Wax Melt Mini Jar

Reminisce on the sweet, fruity aroma of bubblegum with mini bubblegum wax melts. Place one or two into your warmer and, in an instant, you'll have the vivid, sweet scent captivating your senses. It's a best selling scent and a true crowd pleaser.

Here's more about your Bubblegum Wax Melt Mini Jar:

  • you'll get up to 10 hours of fragrance per melt session
  • it's a truly fragrant aroma that will linger through your space
  • they can be used in most wax warmers
  • these are a limited edition item
  • you'll want more

Enjoy a celebration for your senses with high quality wax melts that add a note of authenticity. They make excellent gifts and super cute displays. Don't delay. Supplies are limited.