Birthday Cake Scented Gourmet Jar Candle

$ 21.95

It's the day before the birthday party, and you've just picked up the cake and candles from the bakery. You lift the box lid and a wave of sweet buttercream awakens your senses. You close your eyes and just inhale the wonderful aroma. You're thinking you'd better move away because the aroma is so enticing. Don't worry. That delicious aroma of light and airy yellow cake loaded with buttercream frosting has been jarred in a gourmet candle that's waiting just for you!

You'll enjoy your Birthday Cake Scented Gourmet Jar Candle because:

  • it has a strong fragrance so you can enjoy the scent in a large open space
  • it's made with a parasoy wax to give you a cleaner burning candle
  • it's made with uncut fragrance for a premium scented candle

Your jar candle in birthday cake scent is going to make a perfect birthday gift since:

*it has a burn time of up to 64 hours
*12 ounce jars
*it's wicked with your burning experience in mind
*it's shipped package for gift giving, making it an easy gift to give