Amazing Apple Pie Scented Candle

$ 19.99
Imagine an apple pie made from sweet, ripe apples, the sweet, aroma of caramelized sugar and apples is enough to give your senses a real workout, but it doesn’t stop there. We've duplicated the looks of the most delicious apple pie to give you something that will create memories and spark conversations. Our scumptuous apple pie candles have the same sweet fresh appple aroma that will keep visitors believing that you're as uperior baker, don't be surprised if even Grandma is jealous. The real trick is keeping people from trying to eat it.

Your apple pie candle:
*Is made with a paraffin, soy wax and gel for a longer burn time
*Ships sealed for freshness
*Is in an 8" (or 5") pie tin
*Is 1lb of wax
*Is made with premium fragrance for a stronger scent throw

Order your hot apple pie today.