Air Smooches Scented Cupcake Candle

$ 11.98

Air Smooches Scented Cupcake Candle

Sweet, lush and exciting. The perfect way to spoil your senses. We've combined silky, sweet spun sugar and surrounded it with sun kissed, fresh off the vine strawberries. A whisper of sensuous musk adds a bit of mystical character, toned by full-bodied vanilla. An irresistibly playful treat if we say so ourselves.


~~~~~~~~ What In The World Are Air Smooches Anyway?~~~~~~~~

Air Smooches ( /er/ smo͞ochez/ )

  1. Germ free way to give someone a kiss. The gesture of kissing yourself on the hand and throwing it into the air. 
  2. A pretend kiss on the cheek that never really touches the cheek, but is done in the cheek's vicinity. However only the air feels it. Usually accompanied with a "mwah" sound or two (if you're lucky enough to get one on both cheeks).


The Beauty of Hand Crafted Bakery Candles 


❤ Each hand designed cupcake candle is created:

  • Using pure soy wax 
  • With premium phthlalate free fragrance
  • To bring 5 ounces of candle burning joy

❤ Soy wax is a natural wax that:

  • Burns slower and longer
  • Brings a stronger fragrance to the atmosphere
  • Is a renewable energy source


For more on "The Pros and Cons of Soy Wax,' see here.


~~~~~~~~~~~~EVEN MORE~~~~~~~~~~~


We love the art of what we do. That means your cupcake candle will be

❤ Designed and packaged with care.

❤ Shipped securely, but in super delightful packaging (just the way it should be)

❤ So beautiful, you'll want to gift one AND keep one for yourself winking emoji



❤ They inspire your space. Bakery candles are a pathway to an array of sensations that include:

  • Evoking sweet, nostalgic memories
  • Stimulating your mind
  • Curbing appetites (cool, right?)

❤ You experience the warmth of comforting aromas that are uniquely hand crafted.


~~~ It's True!~~~~~

We guarantee you'll love your Air Smooches Cupcake Candle or it's on us!


* (Decorations on candle may not be made with soy wax.)


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