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Fake Rustic Round Bread Single Loaf

$ 24.99

Fake Rustic Round Bread Single Loaf

Artisan crafted fake bread loaf brings the appealing look and aroma of fresh baked bread.  a special touch to any counter or table top.

Here's more about your Fake Rustic Round Bread Loaf

  • It's approximately 6 Inches in diameter each.
  • It's fragrance can be refreshed with our fresh baked bread oil
  • It is a single round loaf. (For a set of 5 of our Fake Rustic Round Bread Loaves, see here.)

And here are just a few other added features of these individually crafted bread loaves:

  • Each one is completely unique of its own kind.
  • Since no two are alike, you'll have a more authentic display when they're all used together.
  • The set looks absolutely stunning either in a basket or on a bread board.

I'm positive you'll be absolutely thrilled with your round bread loaf.  So if you're thinking, "Maybe I should?" Please do!