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Apple Pie Fake Pie Slice

$ 19.99

Apple Pie Fake Pie Slice

When a little character is what you need to add to your kitchen, the good old slice of American Apple Pie is here. We've layered it with chunky spiced apples inside of a hand crafted pastry for that authentic, one of a kind baked apple pie look. 

Every fake pie slice is designed individually. That means yours has been uniquely fashioned, special and for only you.  We did this because after many attempts at making pie slices altogether, our pies looked like one of those unfortunate supermarket bakery accidents. It was then that we decided to uniquely hand craft every single apple.  

The result?

We came up with an especially appetizing, realistic kitchen and dining area staging piece.  A nostalgic bakery accent. 

So onto more pie details.

Your authentically delicious fake pie slice is:

  • approximately 4" long
  • slice size is 1/8th of a 9" pie
  • layered fake apple pie filling
  • has a realistic look

~~~~~~~~ Love The Farmhouse Kitchen Style?~~~~~~~~

Fancy the look on folk's faces when they enter into your kitchen and see this life-like apple pie set all purty on the table.  Oh my! The oohs and ahhs you'll get when they find out they can't eat it. A good ol' healthy slice of fake apple pie adds just the right touch of 'Come on into my home' to your kitchen. Why... apple pie has been an all American favorite since the 19th century, making it a statement piece on the table. Try using fake pie slices:

  • on a plate with a sweet little dessert fork beside it
  • alongside a fake scoop of icecream (just ask and we'll add you some)
  • In an aluminum pie pan with a little grunge around it for that look of 'the last piece in the pan'

Fake Apple Pie Slice vid from Dawn Mayo on Vimeo.


The Wonderful World of Fake Baked Food Props

❤ Each hand crafted fake pie slice is created:

  • Using our special formulated fake food prop clay
  • Using premium phthlalate free fragrance
  • To look super authentic enough to do a double take

❤ Our formulated clay:

  • makes a long lasting, prop that will last for years
  • is toxic free
  • maintains the lifelike color of the props made

Want to see more ways to use fake food props?

Check out our blog post.

~~~~~~~~~~~~EVEN MORE~~~~~~~~~~~

We love the art of what we do. That means your beautiful slice of fake apple pie will be:

❤ Designed and packaged with care.

❤ Shipped securely, but in super cute packaging (just the way it should be)

❤ So beautiful, you may just find yourself hugging the package




❤ They inspire your space. Fake food props bring life to your kitchen and dining area by:

  • evoking the warm and welcoming feelings of home
  • adding a unique and in depth touch to themes
  • sparking conversation

❤ You experience the warmth of comforting aromas that are uniquely hand crafted.


~~~ It's True!~~~~~

We guarantee you'll love your fake apple pie slice or it's on us!

* For unscented pie slices, please make a note in the comments/notes section when you place your order.



Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. We start working on your order as soon as it pops into our Fakery queue, but it takes about 5 days for creation. Oftentimes less (when it's apple pie season), but good things take time.

Q. Is it scented?

A. No, but we can create a scented version for you as a custom order.

Q. Is the plate included?

A. Nope. But we can include a plain white plate as an addition to your order. Just contact us.


Your turn. Add a fake apple pie slice to your cart. 

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