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Cupcake Candle in Mint Choco-Latta

$ 9.99

Cupcake Candle in Mint Choco-Latta

Imagine the aroma of chocolate lava bursting from rich, dark chocolate cake. Your neighbor's kid is sitting contently nearby licking a sweet, peppermint candy cane. The bursts of peppermint add a refreshing twist to the richness in the air.

Don't just sit there and imagine. Order your Cupcake Candle in Mint Choco-Latta and experience a sensory delight again and again.

Your cupcake candle is:

  • Is 3 inches in diameter
  • 5 ounces of wax
  • 4 inches tall
  • Individually hand crafted


Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. We start working on your order as soon as it pops into our Fakery queue, but it takes about 5 to 7 days. 

Q. How long do they burn?

A. These burn up to 64 hours, and they're best burned in a dish that has sides.

Q. How long will the scent last?

A. Ummm. As long as the candle lasts. Isn't that the way it should be?

Q. Do you wholesale?

A. Yes. Please see our wholesale page here.

Q. Do these ship gift ready?

A. Yes. They're sent out gift ready. If you like, we can also gift wrap for you. Just add to your cart and select "gift wrap" when it pops up.

It's your move. Add a Mint Choco-Latta Cupcake Candle to your cart.