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Chica Goes Chocolate Scented Cupcake Candle

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Chica Goes Chocolate Scented Cupcake Candle - Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats

Chica Goes Chocolate Scented Cupcake Candle

A rich taste of lush, dark chocolate. Roasted Mexican cacao surrounded by hints of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. Sugar envelops around rich cream and cocoa butter for a sweet, velvety and most sumptuous treat. Embracing and whimsical.


~~~~~~~~ What In The World Is Chica Goes Chocolate?~~~~~~~~

We were greatly inspired by the bitter taste of pure Mexican chocolate. That distinct, bitter aroma coupled with spices drifts through the atmosphere in such a beautiful way that we wanted to capture the essence of that and share it. We wanted Chica Goes Chocolate resemble that very Mexican chocolate we love so much, a fabulous chocolaty aromatic that lingers long after you've parted from it.


    The Beauty of Hand Crafted Bakery Candles 


    ❤ Each hand designed cupcake candle is created:

    • Using pure soy wax 
    • With premium phthlalate free fragrance
    • To bring 5 ounces of candle burning joy

    ❤ Soy wax is a natural wax that:

    • Burns slower and longer
    • Brings a stronger fragrance to the atmosphere
    • Is a renewable energy source


    For more on "The Pros and Cons of Soy Wax,' see here.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~EVEN MORE~~~~~~~~~~~


    We love the art of what we do. That means your cupcake candle will be

    ❤ Designed and packaged with care.

    ❤ Shipped securely, but in super delightful packaging (just the way it should be)

    ❤ So beautiful, you'll want to gift one AND keep one for yourself winking emoji



    ❤ They inspire your space. Bakery candles are a pathway to an array of sensations that include:

    • Evoking sweet, nostalgic memories
    • Stimulating your mind
    • Curbing appetites (cool, right?)

    ❤ You experience the warmth of comforting aromas that are uniquely hand crafted.


    ~~~ It's True!~~~~~

    We guarantee you'll love your Chica Goes Chocolate Scented Cupcake Candle or it's on us!


    * (Decorations on candle may not be made with soy wax.)


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