Cake Stands

Rustic Wood Pie and Cake Stand

$ 60.00

Rustic Wood Pie and Cake Stand

Prepare for rustic chic with this beautifully crafted pie and cake stand. Exclusively handmade to create a rustic, yet refined, style that makes the perfect one of a kind accent to showcase your fake cakes and pies.


NOTE** THIS IS CURRENTLY FOR PRE ORDER. Orders placed will ship on 5/11.

Here's more about your pie display:

  • It's approximately 9 inches
  • It's diameter is 9 11 inches.
  • It's exclusively handmade from pine wood

You'll also be glad to know that:

  • Your stand was cut from beautiful pine wood, kiln dried and seasoned for a long lasting wood piece.
  • Masterfully crafted, in its own simple and rustic way, your stand serves as a wonderfully unique multipurpose stand for both fake and real desserts
  • Need an exceptionally crafted cake stand for the upcoming fall holiday? There's simply no comparison between our handmade stand and a cheaply made, manufactured stand.

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