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Cupcake Candle in Pumpkin Doodle

$ 8.49

Cupcake Candle in Pumpkin Doodle

Get ready for a lip smacking sweet treat straight from the kitchen. Sweet, buttery snickerdoodles mingle with fresh pumpkin for a twist on a loved favorite. Add cinnamon, sugar and creamy tonka for a cookie (cupcake) you'll want more of every time.

  • 5 ounces
  • Pure soy wax
  • Cotton core wick

Inviting aroma with an irresistible sensory satisfaction. Limited edition.

The Makings of a Pumpkin Doodle Cupcake Candle

Snickerdoodles have such a buttery, sweet deliciousness that we felt it only right to add a little pumpkin and spice to it. The result? Omg!

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