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Yes, You Absolutely Can Recycle Scent? See How!

Dawn Mayo

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Yes, You Absolutely Can Recycle Scent? See How!

When you think about what it means to recycling scent, what do you think about?  Maybe using leftover wax, or you may think of those big fragrance gadgets that you often see in public restrooms that puff bursts of fragrance into the air. Maybe you may think about the refillable cartridges that you place in your little Glade or Air Wick electrical thingy. Well, that’s not at all uncommon because those are the most widely marketed methods of proposed scent recycling available. I don’t really consider most of these ways of recycling at all. Here’s why: For an item to be...

Treating Yourself to Luxury

Dawn Mayo

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It feels great when I've worked really hard and I'm able to splurge on something for myself. With a large family, I can easily get lost in what everyone else wants and forget myself. Usually, I'm a huge fan of putting self last, but there are times when I just pamper myself with something extra special. When I'm in the market for a special "me" treat, I think of luxury brands that make splendid splurges that represent my own personal style. It's not a bad idea to splurge every once in awhile something in the world of luxurious items for a job well-done, a...

Simple Talk - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style Series

Dawn Mayo

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When I walk into a candle shop, which I do on occasion (just to do my routine stay in the loop with manufactured candle brands), it can be overwhelming to see (and smell) all of the scents available. Sometimes I don't know where to even begin. I may be drawn to the newer scents that pop up at the beginning of every season, but I quickly find myself distracted by the scents that tend to be my all time favorites. That got me thinking about how we all have scents that we like, but then there's those fabulous fragrances that...

Paraffin and Soy Dessert Candles - The Difference in Appearance

Ara M.

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  There are so many kinds of candle makes, sizes, shapes, scents and designs that you can see in the market today. With so many choices, it is quite difficult for one to decide on which ones to use as home accents for your home, or as gifts or holiday giveaways to your friends and loved ones. Now, when it comes to candle designs that appeal to both young and old, dessert candles are definitely the ones that are making huge waves amongst candle enthusiasts and makers alike. With this in mind, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the different...

Soy Wax Designs

Soy Wax Designs: The Different Designs for Your Soy Wax Candles People are used to using candles for different occasions but many of them are not very attentive to the composition of candle they are burning. For example, sometimes you may burn a candle and see a black, sooty substance coming from the wick, or you may even find that your fixtures or ornaments have acquired some sense of black soot on it. Well, that is very common in a paraffin based candle. Paraffin can also give you a burned chemical undertone that may hinder the true fragrance of the...