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Wow Your Guests With Easy Candle Centerpieces

Dawn Mayo

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Want to enhance the ambience of your home any time of the year? With a candle centerpiece, you can, particularly when you choose a scented display. A scented candle centerpiece will not only make your abode smell wonderful, it can also aid in banishing cooking and pet odors. Not to mention, a scented candle centerpiece can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a home with its cozy flame and inviting fragrance.   In this post, I'd like to share some great methods that will help you to create candle centerpieces that you can use to spice up your home decor. Since your own imagination and creativity are...

Stepping Up Your Fall Table Decor With Decor That Makes Scents

Ara M.

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Fall Table Decor & Fake Foods: A Great Way to Spice Up Your Home During the Fall Season Fall is in the air and it’s high time to put all those summer clothes away and bring out your favorite long-sleeved shirts. Autumn is also an excellent time to bring various recipes and spices right at your kitchen’s forefront. Just like the way many people decorate their homes during the cool season, there are cake recipes and flavor combinations that will help you spell out fall at its best. Foods for Fall Can you think of an occasion that’s not celebrated...

How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent

How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent? How do you make your room exude with a smell that spells out autumn or fall? When autumn or fall is in the air, everyone gets an invigorated feeling while they smell the numerous fragrances that come from woods and falling leaves. However, you need not to go out of your home all the time especially when you want to enjoy those sweet and invigorating smells coming from nature. Is there a way by which you can have those autumn leaves, flowers and wood scents stay inside your room so you will never...

Bakery Scented Oils: 10 Simple Tricks for Your Home

Dawn Mayo

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Using Bakery Scented Oils in your home is much simpler than you may think. Oils with scents like Cinnamon Bun or Buttercream are a perfect way to sweeten every room in your house. Using a traditional, scented oil warmer is far from the only way to make these gorgeous fragrances part of your life. Here are my top ten tricks for using Bakery Aroma Oils in the home.   Open your dresser drawers and tuck a small, oil-dipped swatch of fabric (cotton is best) between your sweaters and lingerie. If you place the fabric in a small Tupperware or Ziploc...