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Soy Wax Designs

Soy Wax Designs: The Different Designs for Your Soy Wax Candles People are used to using candles for different occasions but many of them are not very attentive to the composition of candle they are burning. For example, sometimes you may burn a candle and see a black, sooty substance coming from the wick, or you may even find that your fixtures or ornaments have acquired some sense of black soot on it. Well, that is very common in a paraffin based candle. Paraffin can also give you a burned chemical undertone that may hinder the true fragrance of the...

Styling With Scents - Bakery Candle Varieties To Boost Your Decor

Bakery candles virtually come in a wide assortment of size and shapes imaginable. In fact, there is no limit in choosing among the various styles of bakery scented candles for your home and other venues you see fit.

Why Jar Candles Make Great Home Accents

Dawn Mayo

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With a variety of home decoration accessories one decorative piece that has created a great deal of vibe these days is the jar candle. Candles are no longer just a bit of fire, bringing light upon a room, but they have become a symbol of fragrance as well as a means of home improvement.