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Uncut Fragrance Oils in Scented Candles

Dawn Mayo

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Scented candles with uncut fragrance are all the rave among candle makers and candle lovers alike. Also referred to as perfume oil, scented oil, or aroma oil. These oils are a balanced blend of synthetic aroma compounds that have variations in their molecular structure to change their scent. The question is, what does it mean when these aroma compounds are advertised as 'uncut,' and what does it mean when fragrances are cut. Find out here.

What We Do With Our Toilet Paper

Dawn Mayo

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  Crafting with wax can be completely addicting. So much so that you'll find yourself dipping anything in wax. I'm serious. When I ran out of bears to dip, it was only right for me to start looking around the house to find something new (and more exciting) to dip. The bear thing was okay, but when I dunked my first roll of toilet paper, it was waaay more exciting!  So, what's with the toilet paper you ask? Well, it's only that you can make wax dipped toilet paper into so many different creations (including bakery candle types) that you'd...

Busted! The Truth About Triple Scented Candle Claims

Dawn Mayo

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Candle lovers, at some point or another probably will come across the widely used term “triple scented”. This term is primarily used by handmade candle makers.  A triple scented candle seems like an amazing idea. Wouldn’t you want one? The term seems to denote that if I bought such a candle, I would be getting an extremely strong candle, in terms of scent, right? I could even assume that, if I purchased such a candle, it just may mean that other candles that are not marketed as “triple scented” are not strong and, essentially, has less fragrance than my triple scented...

The Pros and Cons of Soy Wax

Dawn Mayo

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What are the Pros and Cons of Soy Wax? Soy wax is one of the fastest growing popular ingredients used in candle-making. Soy candles are now insanely popular choices among many candle users and enthusiasts because of a slew of benefits. However, just like any other product, there are also a few drawbacks for soy wax candles. So, today, I'd like to talk, a little, about soy wax.  Take a look at this infographic.     You can see that there are clear differences when soy wax is compared with paraffin. The infographic shows what I'll refer to as Consumer...

Using Pillar Bakery Candles To Spice Up Any Room

Dawn Mayo

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Everyone loves the smell freshly baked goods can bring into their home, but who has time to actually bake every day to bring that sense of warmth? With bakery style pillar candles, you don’t have to bake, but can have that homey feeling by simply lighting a match. In the world of pillar candles, bakery candles are just one variety. A general rule of thumb is that pillar candles are candles that can stand on their own, without the aid of an additional accessory. They don’t need jars or candle holders to be displayed, and can burn without sitting in...