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Finding Your Candle Personality - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style - Part 1

Dawn Mayo

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Finding Your Candle Personality - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style - Part 1

It's not just your clothes or your car that can highlight and express your unique personality. Your choices of scent can say a lot about your personality as well. Whether you express yourself with bold scents, subtle and soft scents or something in between, your personality can be expressed through fragrance. In a post last week, I talked a little about the fragrance wheel and how four basic scent categories can jive together perfectly to create unique and more complex scents. Perfumists are constantly working to create and imitate scents that replicate foods that we love and blend aromas that make draw us in. ...

Finding Your True Bakery Candle Joy

  The Holiday Season is fast approaching, which means a smaller window of time left to make or buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday presents to give away, it is important to make sure that whatever gift you're getting or making will appeal to the unique tastes (and interests) of the person receiving the gift. Scented candles make a pretty cool, standby choice when you want something easy, cute, and appealing to the senses.That's likely why the candle industry sells more candles during the holidays than during any other period during...

Bringing on Autumn - In Other Areas

Christian F-M

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Different seasons bring about all sorts of feelings. Autumn makes people feel a good mixture of feelings that are associated with a great mixture of aromas, including nostalgic, homey, relaxed yet festive, all at the same time. This is also that time of the year which triggers those cravings for comforting sweet and savory treats. As August comes to a close and September ushers in the cooler winds, the signs of fall are definitely in the air. This is the time when people get all too excited about the leaves change of colors, as well as the scents of maple...

Soy Wax Designs

Soy Wax Designs: The Different Designs for Your Soy Wax Candles People are used to using candles for different occasions but many of them are not very attentive to the composition of candle they are burning. For example, sometimes you may burn a candle and see a black, sooty substance coming from the wick, or you may even find that your fixtures or ornaments have acquired some sense of black soot on it. Well, that is very common in a paraffin based candle. Paraffin can also give you a burned chemical undertone that may hinder the true fragrance of the...

Using Pillar Bakery Candles To Spice Up Any Room

Dawn Mayo

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Everyone loves the smell freshly baked goods can bring into their home, but who has time to actually bake every day to bring that sense of warmth? With bakery style pillar candles, you don’t have to bake, but can have that homey feeling by simply lighting a match. In the world of pillar candles, bakery candles are just one variety. A general rule of thumb is that pillar candles are candles that can stand on their own, without the aid of an additional accessory. They don’t need jars or candle holders to be displayed, and can burn without sitting in...

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