Part 3 of Finding Your Candle Personality - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style

Hey there Candlistas! It's time, once again, to talk a little more about how to uncover your candle personality. Last week's post was about basic (or traditional) scents and how these scents are used as bases to create quite lovely fragrance combinations, like those that you'll find at your favorite candle shops.

So what I'm going to do this week is take what we call, traditional scents, and categorize them into seven relatable style categories so that we can give our scent style a proper label and watch our personal style unfold. 

Seven Candle Style Categories:

faberge candles by Suzie Sharratt Designs

Faberge egg candle by Suzie Sharrat Designs


This includes those candles that are considered chic and high end, these candles would include custom made candles that come in a variety of colors, layers, and that come in unique, one of a kind designs. Candles in this category would be very expensive with some examples being Le Feu de L'eau (brand), Holland House decorative candles, and can even include your Faberge styled candles.

Haute scent bases: cyphre, amber and woody bases (i.e., bergamot, vanilla, patchouli as well as sandal and cedarwoods), may also include some oriental bases



While this category will likely share the expensive price tag as those candles that fall into the haute category, these candles should not be confused with those haute style candles. This candle style will offer candles that are absent of color (black, grey and white) and have a subtle, clean edge in appearance. Elegant candles may have a little bling, such as a gold charm, crystal glass, or the like, but for the most part an elegant candle is very simple and clean in appearance. Some examples would be diptyque Paris (brand), 

Elegant scent bases: floral, soft floral, and floral oriental (i.e., fresh cut flowers like orchid and jasmine; it also includes aldehydes such as clary sage, coriander leaf and other herbaceous scents, and it would include orange blossom fragrances.

 red layered candle by Manosfair


This category may subtly overlap with the elegant category in its glitzy glam; however, your dramatic candles will take a bolder stance. Dramatic candles will bring you bolder colors, assymetrical shapes, and clearly contrasting layers, and can also be accented with gold or silver. Whatever bold, unique display these candles take on, they are sure to be noticed and make a statement. An example would be Jo Malone's popular Orange Blossom scented home candle, (The scent of this one would fit the dramatic candle style category, but the style of the design is more elegant in style.) The candle, above, from Manosfair on Etsy, is a dramatic red layered candle and our bakery candle designs would fit into this style category as well.

Dramatic scent bases: Oriental (i.e., nutmeg, coriander, musk and cloves), also some Mossy Woods (i.e.,oakmoss and amber)


classic candles by yankee


It's probably the most simplistic candle style in that it's more reserved in appearance, with no bells and whistles. The classic candle style would be more simplistic in design and color, such as candles in solid colors like blue, white, beige, red and black. Classic (style) candle examples would include Yankee Candles or Jewelry in Candles. 

Classic scent base: Floral including fruit scents


tea cup candle by High Tea Candle Company


This style is more feminine in detail with its pastel colors of pinks, yellows, lavenders, blues and creams, that may even be blended to create a soft, gentle display. It may be accessorized with lace, tulle, or beautiful bows. Conservative style candle examples would include shabby chic and rustic designs, mostly handmade, such as High Tea Candle Company, and Distinctive Decor.

Conservative scent bases: Woody scents (i.e., aromatic woods, oakmoss, sandalwood, and dry woods/leather) and are often accompanied by soft Oriental and Soft Oriental scents.


rusty candelabra from Lone Star Western Decor



A style that's earthy in its colors and simple in its design. It includes some rustic style candles and can be found accented with barbwire, rusty trimmings, leather, denim and twine. The cost of these are usually pretty reasonable to very inexpensive. Western style candle examples would include Crows Nest Primitives on Etsy and Lone Star Western Decor (pictured above).

Western scent bases: mostly woody and musk


Trinity Candle Factory


This style bears the attributes of easy and simple, very much like the Western style; however, it incorporates a full range of colors, from earth tones to bright colors. These candles are also pretty inexpensive in price and are very popular. Shapes are usually traditional cylinder or round. Accents could include simple cloth, burlap or twine. Examples of causal candles include Trinity Candle Factory and those that you'll find in your WalMart and Target stores.

Casual base scents: Florals and woods that have a Marine note combined with it (i.e., ocean breeze and sea water)

Well, there you have it, scents and styles of candles that will give you an idea of where you fall with your candle personality. Try choosing three or four of the categories and see how they work together to create your unique candle style. 


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