Finding Your Candle Personality - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style - Part 1

Dawn Mayo

Vanilla Beans Finding Your Candle Personality Scent

It's not just your clothes or your car that can highlight and express your unique personality. Your choices of scent can say a lot about your personality as well. Whether you express yourself with bold scents, subtle and soft scents or something in between, your personality can be expressed through fragrance.

In a post last week, I talked a little about the fragrance wheel and how four basic scent categories can jive together perfectly to create unique and more complex scents. Perfumists are always working to create and imitate scents that replicate foods that we love and blend aromas that make draw us in. All of this blending and mixing to create scents we love is done with the aid of the fragrance wheel, and with it, one can create a marvelous combination of fragrances that can truly invigorate and awaken the senses.

That being said, fragrances that most people enjoy will probably come from one or a couple of fragrance families. Today, many fragrance-conscious people are making use of the fragrance wheel as their basis when it comes to creating fragrance combinations. Bringing these notes together can be a natural process, meaning that the scents will naturally flow into one another on the wheel to become soft florals and floral orientals. The other way they can be blended together would be more of a chemical process, where combinations are created from the endless possibilities of imagination (along with sparkling aldehydes). 

Because florals are so widely used as bases for scents, I wouldn't just say that my candle personality is strictly floral just like I wouldn't say that my personality is solely outgoing. The fragrance wheel is quite the inspiration in the making of candle fragrances. It allows us to come up with personalized scents that fit our complex personalities. Through it, we can create a whole lot of floral scent combinations that give us those fragrances that we enjoy most. 

So with that being said, think, first, about which scents you're drawn to the most. I'm talking about base scents here. Do you love the subtle scent of vanilla or the musks? Is there a single floral note that seems to win you over? What about those earthy scents, like the aroma of cedarwood? Are you drawn to the aroma of tobacco or new leather? How about something herbaceous, such as rosemary or a bit of citrus?

One way to find out which base you seem to identify with most is to peek at the similarity of ingredients in your scents. See if your candles have mostly vanilla bases or citrus. You'll be able to identify which characteristics of the scent you may just be drawn to. Now, if you can't get it from there, don't worry. Some of us are a bit all over the place with our scents and it may take a little more time to grasp that one or two that we're really drawn to. Hopefully, by the time we're done with this series, you'll be able to see what you're drawn to a little better. Meanwhile, just think about the scents that make you feel something, you know,something like comfort, confidence, or even a bit flirty. Take a look at what's inside those, and you may just be amazed that even the scents that seem to be all over the place have some sense of common place.

Next week, I'll talk more about building onto our base and how additions are used to create signature scents we love most. See you then.

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