Don't Toss It! What to Do with your Leftover Wax

Just When You Thought Your Leftover Candle Wax Was Useless...

Leftover candle waxes are still reusable and recyclable. In fact, there are so many interesting things you can create with the use of these seemingly worthless materials. All you need is a little creativity and time to start your leftover wax project. Not only can you use them for wax melts, you can discover great activities for creative and useful things.


Top Tips for Leftover Wax

Leftover candle waxes have varied uses depending on your needs and creativity.

Take a look at some of the most recommended ways on how to make use of leftover waxes and discover unique gift ideas.

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Personalized Potpourri

This is quite amenable for scented candle waxes. Make your own potpourri through using leftover waxes of scented candles. You can add other materials that you can easily find in your backyard such as spruce cones, pine cones, walnuts, acorns, dried flower petals, and the likes. These are worthwhile homemade arts as well as good products for local craft stores if you make really good potpourri out of scented candle wax.

Wax Car Fresheners

Scented candles not only make your home smell good and fresh. You can also use leftover wax from scented candles as car fresheners. Put the leftover wax on a paper plate or baggie and cut into chunks. Use clean linen or unused socks as storage for the ax chunks. Tie into a knot and place it under the car seat.

Firestarters for Campers

Firestarters have versatile uses since you can use them in your fireplace or in campfire outside your home. There are several reusable materials to use together with the leftover candle wax in order to make a fire starter. Some use egg cartons while others use empty paper towel or toilet paper tubes, stuffing them with the candle wax and waste papers. It is a much easier way to start fire and a creative alternative that youngsters can use for summer camping.


Make New Recycled Candles

Start an art and craft hobby using our leftover wax and creating your own version of decorative candles. There are various sources online that teach how to make recycled candles out of leftover wax. You can use scented candle wax or even mix the melted wax with fragrant oils in order to come up with a new scented wax product.


Decorative Molds and Décor Accents

Craft enthusiasts will definitely have a smorgasbord of ideas on how to reuse and recycle leftover candles. Creating decorative displays, molds, and accents from candle wax is a remarkable idea. Melt the wax using regular candy molds and you will instantly create colorful, unique, and even scented ornaments as well as centerpieces for your home.

With crafty ways to use leftover wax, there’s no need for you to waste these materials and throw them in the garbage. Learn fun and interesting techniques to using leftover candles for recreation and income generation as well.

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