Why Wickless Wax Tarts Are All the Rage

If you've ever wondered what the big thing is about wax tarts, I'll tell you a little bit about why they're so popular among candle lovers. Wax tarts are completely wickless. I suppose I could also explain them as being scented wax without a wick that you melt in a warmer. In the warmer, the tart gets heated and fills up the area with scent. They were at ideally formed because candle makers were looking for something to do with their left over wax after pouring candles. Due to their ‘pastry tart-like’ figure, they became frequently referred to as ‘tarts’. Wickless wax tarts are known to generate smell and bring the same warmness of scented candles to the atmosphere.

The Convenience of a Wax Tart

Wax tarts are a way to give those who don't care for the flame of a candle, the ability to experience the warm, inviting aroma of scented wax. They are more acceptable to use in the workplace, apartments, and other places where customary candles and the sight of a flame might cause a problem. It’s actually noted as a safer choice for melting wax. The convenience comes in because there is no requirement for a lighter or matches, and the wax tart is pretty compact, coming in cubes, squares, and other individual shapes that make them easy to transport and use. Additionally,they are just the right choice for those who are concerned about cutting down on pollution caused by the soot of burning candles. Meltable wax chunks are easy and convenient to use, giving you the benefits of everything you love about scented candles, without the concern of a flame. 


Not Just For Melting

Wax tarts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes colors and scents. They are an economical choice, as well, because they can often emit more fragrance over a longer period of time compared to candles. The cost is of scented wax is not as expensive, but that also depends on value of the wax used to craft the tart. Some have really incredible designs that can be an excellent way to accentuate your decor. Take, for example, imagine your holiday table display with a plate of wax tart cookies for Santa or a lovely crystal dish of wax tart strawberries in the spring or summer. There are many more appealing designs and styles which can add a touch of glamour to your home. 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Wax Tarts


Bakery Scented Wax Melts

Bakery scented wax tarts are a really cool way to add scent and a little decor to your kitchen as well. Sliceable soy bread loaves give you a larger wax tart that looks like a loaf of bread while giving you the ability to slice a bit of wax off and melt it in pieces as large or as small as you like. Wax cinnamon sticks can be placed in a pantry to make it smell fresh, and when melted, can fill your kitchen with the spicy aroma of warm cinnamon. There is also a place for buttery popcorn to stage a theater room, and confetti cake wax tarts to take their place on a tea table.

Floral, seaside, fresh linen and woody scents are also admirable wax melt choices for scent and decor. Wax seashells in a glass dish, bring the beach to your home in more than one way, while a display of wax roses don't just smell beautiful, but they look stunning on the boudoir.

Other Names for Wickless Candle Melts

There are many names that you'll hear these wickless candles called, however, all of them are referring to the same thing. These names include: Wax or tart cubes, wax tarts, candle melts, meltaways, melties breakaways, wax drops, scented chips, candle tarts, and potpourri melts. I'm sure there are plenty of other names for them; however, these are likely some that you'll run across, and they're all referring to the same thing.

The Way Wickless Wax Releases Scent

Wickless wax tarts are more solidly aromatic than traditional candles because they obtain slower amounts of heat and release aroma without burning the oils, allowing the wax to continue releasing scent without quickly evaporating the fragrance. The opposite happens when you light a candle. Although the fragrance has bound to the wax, the pool of wax that is formed when the candle burns is still under the direct heat of flame. The heat from the flame keeps the wax at a higher temperature, causing a faster release of fragrance into the air (compared to your wickless candle). The wickless wax melt allows you more time to enjoy more fragrance because less heat means slower evaporation of fragrance. In fact, don't be surprised if you find that you get almost three times the amount of time from a wickless candle than you would from a traditional scented candle.


Flexibility of Wax Melts

Wax scents can be blended to produce new aromas. If you have a raspberry wax melt and a fresh baked bread wax melt, you may want to place one of each into your warmer to create a bread and jam scent. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream would make a sweet apple pie a la mode. Your creativity with wax melts is limitless! You can even manage the strength of your fragrance. There's no harm in using more than one if you desire a stronger fragrance, or less if you want the aroma to be milder. 


About The Wax in Wax Tarts

Wax designed for melting in warmers can be made from paraffin, parasoy (paraffin and soy) mixtures, soy, palm, beeswax and other forms to create good quality products. Gel wax is also used to form "gel shots" that are melted in a warmer. However, gel, itself, is not intended to create wax melts, as it's quite unstable to hold up on its own and an overage of fragrance oil mixed with gel can result in a messy product.

Pros and Cons of Wax Melts

As with anything, there are cons. Here are a few of the drawbacks of wickless candles.


  • Wax tart melts don't drip and harm your furniture as a pillar candle may.
  • It is easier to knock over a tart warmer that contains melted wax, so it's best to keep your tart warmer in an area that isn't a walkway or within a child or animal's reach.
  • There's no beautiful flame to mesmerize you when melting wax in a warmer.
  • Depending on the type of wax used, clean up of spilled  wax may be a bit tricky. Paraffin and gel may prove to be tricky to clean up, while soy is easy to clean with only the use of soap and water.


In the end, there are a lot of great things about choosing melts over traditional candles. A warmer and a few bags of variety tarts can make a wonderful housewarming, birthday, or thank you gift. They're affordable to buy, last longer, and provide a safer way to enjoy candle fragrance. They are a convenient choice when you want to control your amount of scent, and when you want to experiment with blending scents. 

Check out this video and see many of the different warmers you can choose from and how to use them. I've also included a quick search  (affiliate link) of tart warmers that will give you a variety if you need a place to start. I prefer the electric warmers because they don't require batteries or a tea light.


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