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Bakery Candles and Farmhouse Fake Food

Fall in love with deliciously scented bakery style candles and fake food desserts that look good enough to eat!

Hi guys! I'm Dawn of Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats. Here, is where we have the best time creating really cool bakery inspired candles just for you to enjoy. In fact, our customers have repeatedly told us that our bakery gourmet candles look and smell like you could eat them. And, to be honest, we like pleasing our customers so much that we just keep trying to make our candles look and smell even more like those amazing desserts you'd find in a bakery!

Pie Candles, Cake Candles, Muffin and Cupcake Candles, Bread Candles, Cinnamon Bun Candles you name it! If you don't see it here, a custom order can be whipped up for you.

There's something wonderful about the smell of a bakery and those wonderful home baked desserts that we put time and heart into baking. Our hand crafted candles are inspired by those real bakeries (here's one of our favorites) and home baked desserts. That's why our bakery designed candles are crafted with care, so that you get a beautifully designed candle with long lasting fresh bakery scent to the end of the candle.

Get the irresistible aroma of home baked cookies, cakes, pies, and breads in melt away wax tarts, jar candles, realistic looking pie candles and cake candles that are designed to bring you beautiful, long lasting decor that smells delicious!

If you haven't tried our fake baked desserts, you should! We design pies, breads, and fake biscuits that look like realistic versions of real home baked food. A fake apple pie in your kitchen will give it warm character that draws in its visitors. However, maybe you'd rather display a beautifully baked fake scented bread loaf on your counter to bring the aroma of fresh baked bread (and a bit of charm) to your kitchen. Whatever your choice, I know you'll fall in love with how realistic each fake bakery piece is, and you may just fool your guests!

Whether you're looking for...

Bakery Cakes, Fake Biscuits, Fake Pies, or a Fake Bread Loaf... 

We're always coming up with unique fake desserts that have a realistic touch. I have to admit, they smell quite delicious too. It's exciting to see so many of our customers come back time and time again just to add to their bakery dessert collection.

Don't know what to look at first? I understand. There's so much to choose from with....


Candles in bakery scents make great additions to any candle collection, and they also make great gifts. This is simply because bakery candles are unique and people love them! Why give a basket filled with edible treats that may sit around uneaten, when you can give a basket filled with scented bakery treats that will last a long time? Bakery themed candles are fun, beautiful, and they smell delicious!


Fake Food Staging and Props

Also consider using our fake baked desserts for theater props or home staging. Our fake pies, fake cakes, fake biscuits, fake bread, fake muffins, and fake desserts are perfect for home owners and real estate agents who are staging homes to sell, also apartment leasing offices, and furniture stores.

Theater professionals find our fake treats a wonderful tool for productions. Not only do we specialize in creating realistic cakes, and pies for productions, but we also craft specialty bread loaves to look like real broken bread, pies with a slice removed, and beautiful ice cream sundaes, like the ones here

Candle Scent Loss

If you're like many of our customers who have been disappointed from purchasing failing candles in the past, you're probably wondering how you can tell that these candles really smell like the real deal, or how you can trust that their scent won't die like many others.

Well, I'll be honest. Before I was a candle maker, I bought tons of candles because I simply love them. I love the illumination, but more so, I love the way a good candle can just draw you in. The problem was always getting a great smell through the first half of the candle and having a dud the second half. I threw more money away in the bottom half of candles than anyone should.

A candle should give you scent the entire way through because that's what you pay for. However, because many manufactured jar candles are processed by machines that manage their entire candle making process, the result can oftentimes result in fragrance not properly binding to the wax. Furthermore, machines process in very large batches that cause some of that fragrance oil to sink in the candle making process. The result, uneven candles.

Handmade jar candles, such as our gourmet bakery style candles are hand stirred, hand poured, and personally tested. In this shop, you'll find candles that I have hand designed and will give you  the best of good looks and great scent to the finish! In fact, I'm willing to GUARANTEE that our candles will burn strong to the end or it's free!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now and get yourself something that looks and smells wonderful. Don't you deserve it?

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